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Tikkukaramelli? Lollipop? Uncyclopedia? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH. RammFan666 8. kesäkuuta 2011 kello 06.32 (UTC)

Could you please explain that how, exactly, are you going to contribute to the finnish Hikipedia if you can't handle finnish language without google translate or similar translators? Manually creating interwiki links is the only feasible option I can come up with. If you have some super sweet template-skills it's a whole different story, though. --Bureaucrat and unofficial public relations vice-chief, MasterBlaster 8. kesäkuuta 2011 kello 14.01 (UTC)

On Uncyclopedia, olen tunnettu "Lollipop". Ja en välitä, se on aika hauskaa olla kokea tämän. Aion olla ensimmäinen Englanti Hikipedian osallistua moniin Hikipedias. Onko kukaan teistä peräisin Englanti Hikipedia? --Tikkukaramelli
Welcomes from Hikipedia's Communistic Coffeecorner um, what? too. I'd recommend you to use English here rather than Finnish because the translators suck at our language. Like, your previous post here translated back to English means something like "On Uncyclopediassa I know "Lollipop". And I don't care, it is quite fun to are experience this. I will be first England Hikipedia's attend many Hikipedias. Are everyone of you original England Hikipedia?" Ya see? As the comrade Master wrote here before, your best way to attend this project should be so (because of the lame translators) interwikilinking and working with the templates. Cheers, --Admin #21, SigBassman.jpg Bassman (Agitaatiot 5451.jpg.gif Tuotokset) 9. kesäkuuta 2011 kello 10.14 (UTC)
Yes. If you, by any chance, can write english, please use it instead of resorting to mangled finnish. I'm sure everyone will appreciate it. You shouldn't expect any less from the legendary education system of Finland, after all. --MasterBlaster 9. kesäkuuta 2011 kello 11.45 (UTC)